Education  MS Wildlife and Fisheries Science, University of Tennessee, Knoxville 2018

* BS Biology, Hampden-Sydney College 2015

Hampden-Sydney College Forestry Wildlife and Fisheries

###Early Life

As a kid growing up in the Charlotte, NC, I experienced first hand how quickly development can impact wildlife. Woods and streams, which were once filled with wildlife, were bulldozed to build shopping centers and parking lots. Creeks I used to play in became so polluted I wouldn’t let my dogs swim in them. I realized quickly that protecting our wildlife populations was something I was extremely interested in.


##Research Interests

As an undergraduate I was fortunate to work with Dr. Rachel M. Goodman at Hampden-Sydney College. She introduced me to the world of disease ecology, which is something I have beceome increasingly interested in and involved with. Our normally detramental ability to rapidly change the environment can be utilized as a tool to implement disease intervention strategies which limit the spread or impact of wildlife diseases. Before disease intervention strategies can be implemented, disease dynamics and epidemiology need to be fully understood.